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[ 英語タイトル ] Algeria Tire Market Analysis, 2020

Product Code : MarkNtel AdvisorsAT00115877
Survey : MarkNtel Advisors
Publish On : October, 2021
Category : Automotive and Transportation
Study Area : Algeria
Report format : PDF
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Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Yokohama, Double Coin, Triangle Tire, Toyo, Hangzhou Zhongce, Shandong Linglong, Qingdao Doublestar Rubber among others.

[Report Description]

Algeria is largely an import-driven market where Chinese suppliers dictate the market. Thus, to restrict the import of automobiles from other countries, the government intermittently imposes import tariffs. The government is focusing on developing domestic production in the country. In 2019, Algeria imported 66% of the tires from China, 7% from Japan, 2.5% from Germany in 2019.
Chinese companies have been targeting the price-sensitive end users of tires in the passenger car segment. This consumer price sensitivity has resulted in the US and European tire suppliers to retract or re-strategize their positioning in Algeria. Moreover, Chinese manufacturers are also assisting local companies such as Saterex to set up a tire plant in Algeria.
According to the MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled “Algeria Tire Market Analysis, 2020”, the CAGR of the market is expected to be around 6% during 2020-25.
Radial Tires Outpaced the Bias Tires in Algeria Tire Market
As the tire industry is undergoing rapid radicalization, radial tires are substituting the old conventional bias tires. Around 90% of the light commercial vehicles and passenger cars have radial tires installed in them in 2019. However, bias tires still capture a major market share the medium-heavy vehicles and the OTR vehicles segment.
Moreover, based on the rim size is 2019, the rim diameter of 15” to 17” acquired the largest market share rising from the OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, Ford etc. These manufacturers are focused on providing distinctive looks to their vehicles in addition to lower rolling resistance and better-wet traction. Moreover, the manufacturers operating the economy segment automobile manufacturers have also been inclined toward larger rim-diameter tires.
Algerian tire industry follows the traditional dealers and distributor network over online sales. However, the online selling of tires is gaining traction in urban areas. Leading players such as Qingdao, Triangle Tires, Linglong, Yokohama, Continental, etc., follow the traditional sales channel i.e. through dealers and distributors in the country. However, with the rising prospects of domestic manufacturing of automobiles, OEMs are expected to operate through direct sale/purchase model.
According to the MarkNtel Advisors, the leading players are Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Yokohama, Double Coin, Triangle Tire, Toyo, Hangzhou Zhongce, Shandong Linglong, Qingdao Doublestar Rubber among others. Algeria’s first domestic tire company i.e. IRIS Tyre was exhibited at CITEExpo in August 2019. Peugeot signed a joint-venture with three Algerian partners to build passenger cars. The company aimed to invest around USD 117 million and the plant will be operational in 2020.
Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report
1. What are the key overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- By Revenue, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Shares) of Algeria Tire Market?
2. What are the region wise industry size, growth drivers and challenges key market trends?
3. What are the key innovations, technology upgrades, opportunities, regulations, growth drivers and challenges in the Algeria Tire Market?
4. Who are the key competitors or market players and how they perform in Algeria Tire market on the basis of competitive benchmarking matrix?
5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the course of Algeria Tire Market study?

1. Introduction
1.1. Product Definition
1.2. Research Process
1.3. Assumptions
1.4. Market Segmentation
2. Executive Summary
3. Experts Verbatim-What our experts say?
4. Algeria Tire Market Voice of Customer
4.1. Brand Awareness
4.2. End User Expectations
4.3. Key Factors Impacting Vendor Selection
4.4. Key Issues Encountered
4.5. Vendor’s Receptiveness to Address Key Customer Issues
4.6. Future Requirements
5. Algeria Tire Market Analysis, 2015- 2025F
5.1. Market Size & Analysis
5.1.1. Market Revenue
5.1.2. Units Sold
5.2. Market Share & Analysis
5.2.1. By Type of Vehicles Passenger Car Light Commercial Vehicle Buses and Trucks Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles Off the Road (OTR) Two Wheelers Three Wheeler
5.2.2. By Demand Category OEM Replacement
5.2.3. By Type of Tire Radial Bias
5.2.4. By Sales Channel Dealer/Distributor Online Others
5.2.5. By Season All season Summer
5.2.6. By Price Category Low Medium High
5.2.7. By Rim Diameter Upto 12” 12.1” to 15” 15.1.” to 18” 18.1” to 20” 20.1” to 22.5” 22.6” to 26” 26.1” to 35” 35.1” to 47” Above 47”
5.2.8. By Region East West North South
5.2.9. By Company Revenue Shares Strategic Factorial Indexing Competitor Placement in MarkNtel Quadrant
6. Algeria Passenger Car Tire Market Analysis, 2015- 2025F
6.1. Market Size & Analysis
6.1.1. Market Revenue
6.2. Market Share & Analysis
6.2.1. By Type of Vehicle Sedan SUV Hatchbacks Others
6.2.2. By Demand Category
6.2.3. By Type of Tire
6.2.4. By Sales Channel
6.2.5. By Season
6.2.6. By Price Category
6.2.7. By Rim Diameter
6.2.8. By Region
7. Algeria Light Commercial Vehicle Tire Market, 2015-2025F
7.1. Market Size & Analysis
7.1.1. Market Revenue
7.2. Market Share & Analysis
7.2.1. By Type of Vehicle Light Trucks Light Buses Pick-up Trucks and Vans
7.2.2. By Demand Category
7.2.3. By Type of Tire
7.2.4. By Sales Channel
7.2.5. By Season
7.2.6. By Price Category
7.2.7. By Rim Diameter
7.2.8. By Region
8. Algeria Medium Heavy Commercial Vehicle Tire Market, 2015-2025F
8.1. Market Size & Analysis
8.1.1. Market Revenue
8.2. Market Share & Analysis
8.2.1. By Type of Vehicle Trucks Buses
8.2.2. By Demand Category
8.2.3. By Type of Tire
8.2.4. By Sales Channel
8.2.5. By Season
8.2.6. By Price Category
8.2.7. By Rim Diameter
8.2.8. By Region
9. Algeria Two-Wheeler Tire Market, 2015-2025F
9.1. Market Size & Analysis
9.1.1. Market Revenue
9.2. Market Share & Analysis
9.2.1. By Type of Vehicle Scooters Mopeds Motorcycles
9.2.2. By Demand Category
9.2.3. By Type of Tire
9.2.4. By Sales Channel
9.2.5. By Season
9.2.6. By Price Category
9.2.7. By Rim Diameter
9.2.8. By Region
10. Algeria OTR Vehicle Tire Market, 2015-2025F 10.1.Market Size & Analysis
10.1.2. Market Revenue 10.2.Market Share & Analysis 10.2.1. By Type of Vehicle Earthmoving Equipment Construction and Agricultural Vehicles Material Handling Vehicles 10.2.2. By Demand Category 10.2.3. By Type of Tire 10.2.4. By Sales Channel 10.2.5. By Season 10.2.6. By Price Category 10.2.7. By Rim Diameter 10.2.8. By Region
11. Algeria Three-Wheeler Vehicle Tire Market, 2015-2025F 11.1.Market Size & Analysis
11.1.2. Market Revenue 11.2.Market Share & Analysis 11.2.1. By Type of Vehicle Passenger Carrier Load Carrier 11.2.2. By Demand Category 11.2.3. By Type of Tire 11.2.4. By Sales Channel 11.2.5. By Season 11.2.6. By Price Category 11.2.7. By Rim Diameter 11.2.8. By Region
12. Algeria Tire Market Policies, Regulations, Product and Services Standards
13. Algeria Tire Market Trends & Insights
14. Algeria Tire Market Dynamics 14.1.Growth Drivers 14.2.Challenges 14.3.Impact Analysis
15. Algeria Tire Market Hotspot & Opportunities
16. Algeria Tire Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success & Growth
17. Algeria Competition Outlook
17.1. Competition Matrix
17.1.1. Product and Services Portfolio
17.1.2. Brand Specialization
17.1.3. Target Markets
17.1.4. Target End Users
17.1.5. Research & Development
17.1.6. Strategic Alliances
17.1.7. Strategic Initiatives
17.2. Company Profiles (Business Description, Product and Services Segments, Business Segments, Financials, Strategic Alliances/ Partnerships, Future Plans)
17.2.1. Continental
17.2.2. Bridgestone
17.2.3. Pirelli
17.2.4. Yokohama
17.2.5. Double Coin
17.2.6. Triangle Tire
17.2.7. Toyo
17.2.8. Hangzohu Zhongce
17.2.9. Shandong Linglong
17.2.10. Qingdao Doublestar Rubber
18. Disclaimer



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