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[ 英語タイトル ] Africa Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2020

Product Code : MarkNtel AdvisorsEP00115872
Survey : MarkNtel Advisors
Publish On : October, 2021
Category : Energy and Power
Study Area : Africa
Report format : PDF
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Caterpillar, Cummins, Aksa Energy, Atlas Copco, Himoinsa, Jubaili Bros, etc.

[Report Description]

According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled “Africa Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2020”, the Diesel Generator market is projected to register a CAGR of less than 5% during 2020-25. The diesel generators with capacities ranging from 5 KVA to 75 KVA acquired a significant market share in the Africa Diesel Generator market in 2019. The gradual increase in the construction projects for residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors is anticipated to strongly contribute to the growth of Africa diesel generator market as these are dependent on diesel generator for power backup.
The commercial & telecom sector captured a considerable market share in the Africa Diesel Generator market in 2019 due to the rising number of telecom towers in the countries. Moreover, the roll out of 5G technology in the market is expected to boost the deployment of telecom towers in several countries, thereby positively impacting the demand for diesel generators in the forthcoming period.
According to MarkNtel Advisors, the key players capturing a substantial market share in the Africa diesel generator market include Caterpillar, Cummins, Aksa Energy, Atlas Copco, Himoinsa, Jubaili Bros, etc.

Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report
1. What are the key overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- By Value, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Shares) of Africa Diesel Generator Market?
2. What are the region wise industry size, growth drivers and challenges key market trends?
3. What are the key innovations, technology upgrades, opportunities, regulations in the Africa Diesel Generator Market?
4. Who are the key competitors or market players and how they perform in Africa Diesel Generator Market on the basis of competitive benchmarking matrix?
5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the course of Africa Diesel Generator Market study?

1. Introduction
1.1. Research Process
1.2. Market Definitions
1.3. Assumption
1.4. Market Segmentation
2. Executive Summary
3. Africa Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
3.1. Market Size & Analysis 3.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
3.2. Market Share & Analysis 3.2.1.By Power Rating Upto 30 kW 30.1 to 60 kW 60.1 to 150 kW 150.1 to 300 kW 300.1 to 500 kW 500.1 to 1,000 kW Above 1,000 kW 3.2.2.By End User Residential Mining & Quarrying Industrial & Construction Oil & Gas Telecom Others 3.2.3.By Country Nigeria Algeria Kenya South Africa Tanzania Ethiopia Sudan 3.2.4.By Application Peak Shaving Stand By Prime Power 3.2.5.By Company Caterpillar Cummins FZ Wilson Kohler SDMO Wartsila Turbomar Himoinsa Revenue Shares Strategic Factorial Indexing Competitor Placement in MarkNtel Quadrant
3.3. Africa Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis 3.3.1.By Power Capacity
3.4. Market Attractiveness Indexing 3.4.1.By Type 3.4.2.By Country 3.4.3.By End User
4. Nigeria Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
4.1. Market Size & Analysis 4.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
4.2. Market Share & Analysis 4.2.1.By Power Capacity 4.2.2.By End User 4.2.3.By Application
4.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
4.4. List of Distributors
4.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
5. Algeria Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
5.1. Market Size & Analysis 5.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
5.2. Market Share & Analysis 5.2.1.By Power Capacity 5.2.2.By End User 5.2.3.By Application
5.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
5.4. List of Distributors
5.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
6. Kenya Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
6.1. Market Size & Analysis 6.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
6.2. Market Share & Analysis 6.2.1.By Power Capacity 6.2.2.By End User 6.2.3.By Application
6.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
6.4. List of Distributors
6.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
7. South Africa Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
7.1. Market Size & Analysis 7.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
7.2. Market Share & Analysis 7.2.1.By Power Capacity 7.2.2.By End User 7.2.3.By Application
7.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
7.4. List of Distributors
7.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
8. Tanzania Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
8.1. Market Size & Analysis 8.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
8.2. Market Share & Analysis 8.2.1.By Power Capacity 8.2.2.By End User 8.2.3.By Application
8.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
8.4. List of Distributors
8.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
9. Ethiopia Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
9.1. Market Size & Analysis 9.1.1.Industry Revenues & Units Sold
9.2. Market Share & Analysis 9.2.1.By Power Capacity 9.2.2.By End User 9.2.3.By Application
9.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
9.4. List of Distributors
9.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
10. Democratic Republic of Congo Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
10.1. Market Size & Analysis
10.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
10.2. Market Share & Analysis
10.2.1. By Power Capacity
10.2.2. By End User
10.2.3. By Application
10.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
10.4. List of Distributors
10.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
11. Sudan Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
11.1. Market Size & Analysis
11.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
11.2. Market Share & Analysis
11.2.1. By Power Capacity
11.2.2. By End User
11.2.3. By Application
11.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
11.4. List of Distributors
11.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
12. Cameroon Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
12.1. Market Size & Analysis
12.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
12.2. Market Share & Analysis
12.2.1. By Power Capacity
12.2.2. By End User
12.2.3. By Application
12.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
12.4. List of Distributors
12.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
13. Mozambique Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
13.1. Market Size & Analysis
13.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
13.2. Market Share & Analysis
13.2.1. By Power Capacity
13.2.2. By End User
13.2.3. By Application
13.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
13.4. List of Distributors
13.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
14. Morocco Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
14.1. Market Size & Analysis
14.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
14.2. Market Share & Analysis
14.2.1. By Power Capacity
14.2.2. By End User
14.2.3. By Application
14.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
14.4. List of Distributors
14.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
15. Uganda Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
15.1. Market Size & Analysis
15.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
15.2. Market Share & Analysis
15.2.1. By Power Capacity
15.2.2. By End User
15.2.3. By Application
15.3. Diesel Generator Pricing Analysis
15.4. List of Distributors
15.5. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
16. Rest of Africa Diesel Generator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F
16.1. Market Size & Analysis
16.1.1. Industry Revenues & Units Sold
17. Africa Diesel Generator Market Dynamics
17.1. Drivers
17.2. Challenges
17.3. Impact Analysis
18. Africa Diesel Generator Market Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
19. Africa Diesel Generator Market Opportunities & Hotspots
20. Africa Diesel Generator Market Trends & Insights
21. Africa Diesel Generator Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Growth
22. Competition Outlook
22.1. Company Profiles
22.1.1. Caterpillar
22.1.2. Cummins
22.1.3. FZ Wilson
22.1.4. Kohler SDMO
22.1.5. Wartsila
22.1.6. Turbomar
22.1.7. Himoinsa
22.1.8. Atlas Copco
22.1.9. Briggs & Stratton Corporation
22.1.10. YOR Power
23. Disclaimer



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